Future Sounds, Track #1.

Our client D&M Holdings Inc. blows its distribution wind under the wings of a particularly famous name in audio engineering: As of now, the engineering arts of Polk Audio will hit European markets with the help of D&M.


Future Sound, Track #2.

Our client D&M Holdings Inc., is taking care of a new business: Their European network will take care of the distribution of Definitive Technology loudspeakers. Sounds like a win/win situation to us. Or maybe win/win/win would be more accurate.


Happy to sell Envaya.

Hello world! Meet the new stuff we did for this little beauty called ENVAYA. It's a Bluetooth speaker the size of purse, nevertheless bearing the enormous Hi-Fi traits of a true Denon.


Elegance in Detail.

When Boston Acoustics assigned us to create the communication for their new M-Series, we looked a little closer. And closer. And closer.


Everything gets better.

Our friend Karin Hammermann, an experienced fashion executive, decided to go her own way. Knowing she wouldn’t make everything different. But most of it a tad bit better.