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Hitting the charts with Christina Stürmer.

Shortly after we designed the artwork around Christina Stürmer´s greatest-hits album "Gestern.Heute." she climbed to the Top 20 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Shaken, not stirred

Quickcap are nutritional supplements, served via an ingenious small cap. We blazed its way with a lot of energy. Or as we put it in short: Push it. Shake it. Feel it.


Burst Chains.

Here’s to the sporty ones: the wireless in-ear heaphones Exercise Freak AH-W150 redefine sound quality, design and the freedom to move. With an international integrated campaign, we fast-tracked awareness.


Denon can do anything.
Except sing.

A corporation, which builds extraordinary audio products does not necessarily have to bring forth singing talents. How this connects to gagging, an anniversary and Rock'n'Roll? Come along his way, please …


Tickling The Invisible Giant.

Hey reader, we know something about you – You probably have walked in the air of PRIVA already without ever noticing it. We didn't know, either. Until …


Eating concrete.

Most of us would be diagnosed the same blood type: fuel. Luckily, our love for motorsports and TOYOs love for impactful communication built a healthy coincidence.