Music matters, value remains.

The strictly limited KI Ruby series represents a peak in Ken Ishiwata’s oeuvre for Marantz. Time to tell the story of his immensely creative decades in a grand fashion.


A tale of legends.

Two peerless high-end-components, developed by a highly esteemed hifi-legend. Here's a story about pure sound art.


Making It Special.

When Marantz asked us to make a movie for the newest Special Edition, the devices weren't even finished yet. But there was an occasion to be honoured: 30 years of uniquely tuned high-end instruments. Good enough for us to create something very special …


A journey through time.

Back in 1953, Saul B. Marantz invented the legendary Audio Consolette. It was the igniting spark that initiated the Marantz brand. Interstate was happy to contribute to the anniversary celebrations …


Get closer to Music.

How does it feel to account for the rebirth of a legendary name? Our friends from Marantz know: Welcome back to the future, Consolette.